Components Capability Features Benefits Available Road map
Base Platform Bluemix All Bluemix micro services & capabilities (inclusive of 32 Watson services) Cloud native base platform Yes When & where needed other base platforms can be considered

Skylab Platform Components Capability Features Benefits Available Road map
Device/Sensor connector recipes VirtusaPolarisBuilt on top of Bluemix platform using IBM IoTF framework using MQTT protocol REST API based reusable microservice for device connectivity built on top of Bluemix PaaS Available for Raspberry Pi, Libelium, Amazon Echo Reusable microservice available for more sensors and devices like Intel Galelio, Aurdino etc
IT platforms integration recipes VirtusaPolaris Reusable integration connectors with Salesforce, Pega & SAP Reusable REST API interface to the Enterprise platforms available for integration with any IoT or mobile application Available for Salesforce IT platforms integration recipes
Business Process Visualization, Augmented Reality & 3D Modeling VirtusaPolaris partnership with Unity 3D VirtusaPolaris framework for creating 3D visualizations of to-be business scenarios on top of Unity 3D platform Augmented Reality visualizations can add tremendous value in sales, services and targeted marketing of personalized services. It can enhance productivity by helping with scenario planning and execution in field service Yes, available on demand Business Process Visualization, Augmented Reality & 3D Modeling
Voice integration with Enterprise IT system Amazon Echo Voice integration capability with Enterprise systems Natural Language Interface (NLI) capability is how the Digital experience is evolving. Voice integration with enterprise systems will create a whole new world of man to machine integration in Enterprise Yes, voice based integration from human to Amazon Echo to Salesforce CRM Will be enhance to interface with other enterprise systems like PEGA, SAP
Complex Event Processing (CEP) VirtusaPolaris partnership with WSO2, a cloud native ESB Enable event based response to correlate complex real time events in an IoT context CEP is a required capability in response to real time streaming data coming in from sources like sensors, devices etc in a IoT context. Having a rest API based service on top of a CEP engine like WSO2 enables faster configuration and development of IoT apps. WSO2 framework can also be used for API management for access to services from/to SkyLab platform Available VirtusaPolaris is a development partner of WS02 supporting the product engineering and launch of new services
Cloud Portability & Federation Bluemix / VirtusaPolaris Application packaging through containerization enables rapid configuration and portability across platforms and Clouds. All SkyLab services will be packaged and consumed as container API to ensure portability of services thus eliminating vendor lock-in scenarios VirtusaPolaris leverages Docker containerization capability available on top of Bluemix platform to package and deliver app level services. Available VirtusaPolaris is developing a multi-cloud compatible Cloud broker to achieve true Cloud federation capability to consume infrastructure / platform services across a range of Cloud providers from a single user portal
DevOps (CI/CD) AWS / Bluemix /Open source tools Use AWS / Bluemix API for a full automated CI/CD capability for IoT based business transformation Automated deployment of Cloud infrastructure, software and app components through configuration scripts Yes, available on AWS DevOps as a Service model for any app on any Cloud.
Social Media I/F Facebook, Twitter APIs Social media i/f capability to post messages on Facebook & twitter Digitally savvy consumers expect their service providers to give them a capability to connect to Social Media platforms from their apps Yes
Vertical/Domain Business Scenario Recipes VirtusaPolaris Connected patients, Connected Car (OBD), Insurance use case, AR/VR use case Digitally savvy consumers expect their service providers to give them a capability to connect to Social Media platforms from their apps